I'm going to try to keep this kind of short, although those who know me well from my homesteading blog will admit, I tend to ramble frequently in my writing. But I have a couple of chores to do, some serious promoting to do on the shop and on my direct sales programs I'm involved with (check out the page on the blog called Heather's Online Money-Makers for a full listing), so this has got to be kept to a minimum.

New options: Granted, the site is my own domain, hosting my Etsy shop via Pattern, which is great. Etsy has roleld out some new options that have been needed for a long time, including quantity counts on variations/options, and a SKU visible only to the seller (so I don't have to list it in the listing now), and for things like my earrings, an option to add the length of the earring drop as a side note kind of thing so it's searchable, instead of having to note it in the description. These are awesome changes!

Alone time coming up: Hubby has been having job troubles lately that were not his fault (blame a big corporation of turkey people whose company name starts with B and ends with utterball), because they have a stupid way of calling in if you're going to miss work. They use an ANSWERING MACHINE. Seriously, an ANSWERING MACHINE! You call in, leave a message with your badge number, name, where yu work and what department, and that you won't be there. Someone retrieves those messages, and heaven help you if you are too sick to leave a coherent message. Two of those and you are fired for no call, no show, even if you can prove you called. Yeah, it's that bad. So the alone time coming up is because hubby is going to go to trucker school and drive the big rigs! He'll be gone a few weeks at a time, so it'll be just me and the cats for three weeks at a stretch. It's going to be weird, but I'll bet I can get a lot done for the third item in this post.

Farmer's Market time is coming up! Our local big farmers and artisan's market is starting the season soon, and I plan on being there every Saturday morning that hubby is on the road. I'll have my earrings of course, eventually some Mixes (Not) In A Jar (which will also eventually be in the shop), and possibly even some soaps and candles and lotions and such. It's going to be a blast and I'm hoping to make a good chunk of change to help out with getting a bunch of bills paid off and some things done around here without tapping into the paychecks much.

That's all for now ... Until later folks!