I think God decided to cook Arkansas. It's just that hot here. Temps in the 90s, heat indices in the low 100s, and every time rain is forecast these last two weeks, it fizzles. I'm almost glad most days that my regular day job is in a chicken plant, so I work in a cool environment!

Still, there are new things going up in the shop almost daily. I say almost because Wal-Mart no longer carries those neat little USB cooling fans for laptops, so my poor computer keeps wanting to get hot if I use it before work in the daytime. (I work second shift. Crappy hours, but lots of overtime to help with homestead bills as we get things started out.)

Right now, dinner is cooking, I'm adding a few listings and editing others, and tomorrow, while hubby works on things around here, where there is no air conditioning except what breeze blows through the windows and the fans, I'm heading to McDonald's to work on the shop, hijack the free wifi, and soak up some cool.

Now, you're probably asking why we have no a/c if we live in such a hot area. We are off-grid homesteaders. This means we are not connected to the power and water grids like most folks. We generate our own power (currently with a generator, soon to switch to solar and wind as time and money allow), and haul in water until we get a well drilled. So, no air conditioning, and there still won't be after we have the solar and wind systems in, because we'd have to have a HUGE system in, and that gets pretty pricey after a bit, even to run a small a/c unit.

For now, dinner is near ready and I'm hungry. Time for food and more shop stuff!