Cooler weather is in the air, and while snow is not on the ground just yet, I am adding a lot of Christmas beads and charms and handmade jewelry to the shop! In short order, there will be about 250 new items just for Christmas.

I'll also be adding a number of Hanukkah charms as well. I sourced a great set of them recently and added them to the shop, and there's also a set of steampunk charms that I found and added, too.

Things are really busy here on the homestead, getting ready for all that cold weather that's coming along in just a couple of short months, and I'm ready to go! I've got my knitting, the canning and dehydrating for winter food storage are coming along, the garden is slowly starting to die back for the season, and I'm ready to roll with a wonderful warm winter coming up indoors with my needlework, my jewelry-making, and some yummy. wholesome food to eat.

What's your winter shaping up to be like?

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