I'm awful at blogging! It's been MONTHS since I've popped a post on here!

Well, things have been changing. Lots of new jewelry has been put in the shop, and I'm still making a ton more. I've also begun my line of HC Melters, 100% soy wax melter tarts in many scents. I'm getting things set up to where I'll have over 1000 - yes, a THOUSAND - different scents of tarts! They are expensive to ship, so while I've gone to free shipping, adding that cost to the tarts has made them a bit pricey, but they are worth it, trust me!

Over time, I'll also be adding women's fashion and accessories such as handbags, scarves, and the like, as well as home and holiday decor. I'm particularly fond of Christmas, so you can bet the holiday decor will be in Christmas and non-Christmas sections, because there will be a LOAD of ornaments in the Christmas section.

I've thought of adding party supplies to the Etsy side of the shop as well, but I'm not sure on those yet. I want to have some other things in place first before I work on that.

Be sure to check out the shop and see what all is new. As Pattern doesn't allow me to put things into multiple categories (yet, hint hint, Etsy!!), it's a bit of a nightmare for you to have to check each individual category to see what is there, instead of clicking one category titled NEW STUFF. Also would mean I'd have to move stuff around a lot more, and that takes time I'd rather put into making new things and listing them for you!