I wanted to take a few moments to welcome everyone to our new site. 

There will be plenty of new items on a regular basis. The main focus will remain the handmade jewelry and charms for your own jewelry-making, as well as Mom's baby items, but over time, I will be adding crafted home and holiday decor, some scrapbooking items like stickers and stampers (I love stickers), and more. I'll even be adding handmade baby items of my own eventually, since my own children are currently just short of 24 and just short of 20, and have failed so far to grace me with grandchildren of my own to spoil. We'll just have to spoil yours instead and until. Do visit often to see our new items!

As the site is powered by Etsy's Pattern, all checkout is through Etsy. Know that Mom and I appreciate your business so much, our dear customers.

There are plans for well down the road also to add in things like potpourri, handmade soap, baking mixes, recipe books, and many other homestead-related items. As I live on an off-grid homestead of just over 11 acres, it behooves me to make the homestead make an income. 

That being said, I do need to get some sleep so I can get up in my morning to get ready for another day at what I call the Just Over Broke - my regular job which currently pays the bills. My morning starts about noon, because I work second shift, so often, I am up until 4 or 5 in the morning after work. 

Until next time, happy shopping!